Daclapan: A Glimpse of Beauty

Welcome to a place I called home. Welcome to an adventure it holds. Welcome to the scenery God has given and you’re welcome to drop by anytime you wish!

Daclapan is one of the boundary barangays of our town, Cabugao, to the West Philippine Sea or the former South China Sea. It’s a place for agriculture for it has vast lands for crops and also a place where one of the main source of living is fishing.

The name of the place was coined after several men discovered the wide and big sea or in iloko, “Dakkel a Kalapan”. It was later shortened to “Daclapan”.

This shows the beautiful source of livelihood- the Daclpan Beach and the farmlands.

Daclapan is toured by its captivating beauty and refreshing waters. So the beach is filled with tourist from other barangay, from other towns and even foreigners. Activities like surfing can be done here. Cottages built around the shore are free of charge.

L-R: Barangay Hall, Barangay Chapel, Senior Citizen Hall and iconic I LOVE DACLAPAN sign.
L-R: Barangay Court and Daclapan Elementary School.
Left is to Daclapan Sur and Right leads to Daclapan Norte or Namruangan.
Some instagramable photos.

So come and enjoy the tropical escapade!

Some photos were taken from the official group of our barangay. (https://web.facebook.com/groups/528220363945487/)

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