Unknown Objects // Invisibility

The Invisible Universe

There are few things in this world that you can hold in your hands. The most valuable things are not tangible. The important objects, are not objects. Although, when you feel a certain love for something invisible, it does not seem so invisible. The amount of love you have for that belief, or feeling, over looks the fact that it is not present. It is almost as if that thing is within you, or around you. It is like an aura of delight and absolute bliss. You know that it’s there, even if no one else knows it is. It does not feel real, but it does not feel fake either. There is a certain aesthetic that resides around objects of invisibility. The beauty of something that is not there is remarkable. That sensation is like your own personal high and you can constantly grab happiness from it. It’s almost as if you can physically feel the vibrations of the object. What is your unknown object? Is it love? Spirit? Loneliness? Apprehension?