“Gone” — Honoring a life lost

A poem for the man who raised me, who lost his battle in 2012.

Its five years since I last saw you.

You left us my eighth grade year,

I was lost, scared, and alone,

Wondering why you weren’t coming home.

When mom explained you were gone,

I looked at your favorite book from Vietnam.

The silence reminding me of when we fought,

All the lessons that you unknowingly taught,

We argued for most of your time with me

Though through it all, you were my family.

Then on February seventeenth two-thousand twelve

I figured it all out, it had been your final bout

The cancer had finally won, you weren’t coming back.

You were my father figure, my teacher, my friend,

I hated fighting Yet I never cut you any slack

It’s hard to think about your last breath,

How your final month was spent in bed.

The words ‘I love you’ on your lips.

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