Hello school good bye summer

Summer vacation is over I can feel it. Last June 13 is our first day in the school so I’m excited to see my classmates and my friends because I miss them so much. I wake up so early to prepare my self and my things and I came to my school so early what a beautiful day to start my first day very nice. In our room we have 2 new students named Micah and Jeric they are so quiet.

In our first week it is good and I learned a lot of things already and our math is easy to answer the questions. When our subject is English Miss Khris discuss to us the thesis I feel stressed and my brain said to me that the summer is already over you need to study hard. Every time when I do homework I feel stressed and my self get lazy hahaha so I rest for 1–2 hours then I will eat a lot of foods then do my homework again.

2nd week of our school I feel tired and stressed because the other lessons is hard :( . I feel excited because Miss May have a practical activity that every group will cook an egg dishes. Our dishes are egg sandwich and Corn soup it taste good and yummy. Next day is our Art subject Sir Daniel gives us an activity which we will draw our own cubism waaaaaah it is so hard to do that activity. When our papers return to us……… my gossssssssh seriously I got high score in that activity that makes me smile :D.

This story or whatever shows the good part of my 1st week and my 2nd week in our school. Every bad part there is a good part and I want that good part :). EEEEEEND bye

“Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest”

P.S. Miss Khris sorry for my wrong grammars :( #Spokening Dollars xD

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