The easier route

It’s still in a parent or guardian’s goal to give their child an education to become successful and be able to live affordably and comfortably in the real world. Parents believe any form of education will best be suited for their child, as long as they become successful and learn the basics of life. In today’s society, all parents are working so a typical public schooling is what is chosen for the child. There are pros and cons of homeschooling that any parent or guardian should understand.It is important to be aware of the negatives and problems which can come up with home schooling. This will give you the opportunity to consider real world problems and determine if you and your family are up to handling what may come up.

As stated in the New York Times, many people have negative views on home school and are not afraid to share those views when they find out that you are homeschooling your children. You will also probably end up with a load of questions. Because parents are devoting their time to educate their child, parents have to find resources, support and assistance on their own without a centralized resource. No education is 100% complete. There will be times when lessons run over or you have to choose between housework and the extra time needed on lessons. Through all the available educational resources and finding which curricular best fits your child, can be one of the most daunting negative effects of homeschooling. Most homeschooling parents do not have degrees in education. It takes a little more time and effort get the hang of presenting information and teaching concepts. Many people find this to be a negative effects of home schooling, while others simply rise to the challenge. While educating kids at home does allow flexibility, there still needs to be a schedule to follow a time for learning, homework and then the normal interactions of home. Parents should know how much dedication, patience, and perseverance it takes to homeschool their child and and often times it can be frustrating and difficult. According to CBN News, Dr. Brian Rey did a California study on the issue socialization of public school and its difference with homeschooling. Education researcher Dr. Michael Mitchell found that being popular, aggressively competitive, materialistically driven and self-confident are traits promoted in conventional schools. They both were in agreeance that public schools favor and enhance students characteristics and essential qualities to be a successful and respectful human being. This includes favor of building their children’s character and dismantling selfish ambitions. Integrity, responsibility, and respect for others, is the ideal social qualities they desired their youth to embody.

The opponents of homeschooling believe public schools help Forming bonds and socializing with children their own age is important for the child’s developmental health and development of social skills. If home schooled, they may be deprived of the chance to form friendships and may suffer socially. Of course, they can make friends with other homeschooled children, but it is quite different when special effort has to be made to arrange meetings. Another problem that can come in for homeschooled children are their parents may losing their patience when they are trying to educate their children. Some parents may be too overbearing or impatient, which may cause the child to react in a negative manner. It is may be hard for parents to draw the line between educator and parent in the child’s mind. One of the more bigger negative effects of homeschooling, as stated by the National Educational System on the New York Times, is the matter of motivation. Some children need to be challenged to excel in their studies. In this sense, they thrive when they are involved in some competition. Children who are homeschooled would not have this motivation because most of them are educated separately. According to some psychologists, homeschooling can have a few harmful effects. They point to things like not enough exposure to diversity, lack of involvement in society and difficulty integrating if a homeschooled child is put into the school system at some point. Each of these can be easily answered. The most common effect of choosing homeschooling is the money. Some parents have it and some parents do not. The cost o homeschooling supplies is something that should be reviewed. Boxed curriculum can be very pricey, and even used, you can spend a small fortune on school supplies.This, combined with the reduction in income that homeschool families often face, can cause a real financial strain on a family.

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