Never Enough, Is Enough.

For anyone who struggles with anxiety, there is always an underlying fear of not being enough. Not smart enough. Not pretty enough. Not nice enough. Not happy enough. Not successful enough. Not ambitious enough. Not loving enough… Words echo through the mind like it’s an empty valley, surrounded by mountains of those who are enough… but you just aren’t.

A sense of lack consumes the heart, as you convince yourself that you will never be brave enough or strong enough to rise out of the valley. Feelings of despair creep in and spread throughout, as you remind yourself of all the times you have failed before, and you can’t shake that knowing that you will fail again. Even if the failure looks different in detail, it yields the same degradation of esteem. Time weary, you move through the days as if nothing matters anymore. Even if you try, it won’t be good enough.

Let me tell you something your soul needs to hear: as long as you keep believing you will never be enough, I promise you won’t ever be enough. This mindset breeds hate in your heart, and the one you hate most is yourself. When you hate yourself, it is impossible to love others. A vicious cycle ensues, and we find ourselves failing more. We fail more because we hate more, then are overcome with guilt because we know we contain greatness but can’t bring it to the surface, so we self-deprecate and doubt our inner being, which just wants to love and be loved. When we are consumed by this cycle of failure-guilt-selfhate-outwardhate-failure, it is impossible to be enough. Success starts with loving yourself. We aren’t to love ourselves in a conceited, selfish way- that isn’t our true nature. We are to find the love that lives inside of us, and show it freely to every person we run across, starting with ourselves.

You see, it is only when you begin to freely love you that you will be capable of effectively loving others. And if you can’t bring yourself to do this, start by practicing love with everyone you interact with throughout the day, and after awhile, you will start to find many more things you love about yourself. A new cycle breaks through, and this one is a cycle of doubt overcome by love.

The truth is that none of us are ever enough.. and those people who you perceive as the mountains of enough surrounding your own empty valley- they don’t always feel like they are enough. None of us do. But when we love, we don’t have to be enough because Love always is.