Change and growth

Lime tree with flowers and young limes
Lime tree with flowers and young limes
Lime flowers with young limes

I decided 5 years ago to get a fruit tree. One that I would keep in a pot and move around with me where ever I went. I took my son to the store and let him pick out any tree he wanted. He was five at the time and it felt risky to let him control the choice. He chose a lime tree because all adults need to have limes he said.

I was shocked for a minute. Do I have a drinking problem? No, I snapped back to reality. I have a lime problem. I always have limes…

the easy way…

Toddlers are funny creatures. Their world view is shockingly creative. The toddler years, while stressful with two strong-willed creatures, proved eye-opening.

My son’s first experience with Christmas almost convinced me to call the whole thing off. “So a stranger is going to come into the house, while we are asleep and you’re OK with that?” Uh?

For months, my daughter was convinced that when we came out of a store, we could take any car in the lot, always the most expensive car. Yes, I would like to take the Bugatti home, honey, but it’s not our…

Excerpt from the Sugar Run

The Sugar Run

Gasping for air and getting pushed by the surf, Amy crawled up onto the sand. On all fours, retching up saltwater and almost regretting she made the beach. What the hell? How did that happen? One minute, we were going to make it out of the harbor, and the next minute we’re being shot at by lunatics in a speed boat. I know I got off some good shots, so why the hell did he push me off the boat?

“I’m not sure that’s a good look for you. I like the shotgun, but the…

Dreaming to solve your problems

sleeping baby girl

If you sit down, it will all catch up with you. The secret to getting it all done is not stopping until it’s all done. It’s hard not to stop, your feet hurt, your body hurts, your mind has shut down a long time ago. It’s also questionable how efficient you are? For example, if I slept for an hour could I be more productive than if I just kept going.

Sometimes I am so exhausted that I can’t stay awake. When you close your eyes, and that’s it, you are out. I enter a sleep so deep and dark…

white mustang rearing up

It would be generous to call this a road; it’s a path with two grooves that rarely seem to match up with the tires on my beat-up pickup truck. This rocky jeep trail is at least 30 miles from a paved road, 100 miles from a state highway and a hard day’s drive from the interstate. This is already a hard day’s drive; I’m riding the brake, two hands on the wheel, windows down, straining for the best view of this so-called road.

The high desert of southern Oregon isn’t a flat plain but a series of rolling hills that…

Just keep going

Why is there so much anxiety? It’s a constant force, a constant worry that oozes and covers everything. A constant push and pull between the depression and the anxiety, it leaves me in the middle feeling numb. Too sad about the past, too nervous about the future. The present is a train wreck.

I feel so unprepared, yet am not driven enough to do the work. I do not have the discipline to hone my craft. I have never felt that I had a craft. What would it be? I have activities that make me happy, give…

A Callahan

*New to Medium* Just keep going

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