Author’s Photo, Bookends & Beginnings, Evanston IL

There was a peculiar magic in the midmorning fog that made Jane fancy the train was a dragon and she were its prey, defeated in the cold metal belly, catapulting through the sky for a destination she didn’t know. This was how she sat and thought to herself, watching pearls of dew scratch the window like diamonds fleeing the train’s inertia.

The car was full and she could feel the warmth of the woman sitting next to her. It was nice to sit there like that, feeling the woman’s shoulder touch hers. Jane turned her gaze from the brick rooftops…

Author’s Photo, A Motel in Ann Arbor, MI

“I need someone to hold me,” Eve said as she sat stooped against the bathroom wall, wrapped in a towel and dripping. She shifted and pulled herself tighter into its folds. Her gaze never left the white patch of wall in front of her. It was like her eyes were fixed to an invisible string. Her bare toes anchored herself to the ground and the way her arms wrapped around her body made it look like she was wearing an invisible straight jacket.

I came through the doorway and sat next to her. We stared at the wall and listened…

Alyssa Peterson

The corner of my brain unfolded. Welcome! English Major– Northwestern University

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