Alyssa Reichel of North Woodmere Shares Tips on How to Grow Your Business

If you know your business, you should be able to grow your business, right?

Well, it’s not always as easy as it seems to scale your sales, but North Woodmere, New York entrepreneur Alyssa Reichel has some tips that can help you on your way to bigger things — without spending a ton of money in the process.

From digital marketing tools to other more conventional approaches, here are some of most successful methods of growing your business in the modern world.

Get on Social Media

While it might not be your cup of tea, you should strive to be visible on social media. Considering that there are more than 243 million people in the U.S. alone using social media as of 2018, it’s easy to see the potential at home and globally.

North Woodmere’s Alyssa Reichel explains that social media is essentially a free way to get more eyes on your business, some from unlikely sources that may have never come across you otherwise. Create quality content with video and photos that is easily shareable, expanding your reach even further. Sponsored posts can target a certain demographic in a certain area.

Create an Email List

One way to reach potentially new customers is by having them sign up for communications from you, which will probably require you to offer something in exchange. Known as a lead magnet, this exchange provides upfront benefit for the customer while also opening a point of contact for additional sales down the line for your company. For example, you might give exclusive offers to people on your list.

Build a Sales Funnel

The first step of creating a sales funnel is getting people to notice your business, which can be achieved through providing a special offer through email or by boosting your SEO so you show up more prominently in search results. The second step is building your “pitch,” which can also include brand stories through email that connect with your target audience.

Now that you’ve got their attention, you have to help them make a decision, which is where pointing them towards your client testimonials and product reviews comes in handy. Or, you can stay fresh in their minds with ad re-targeting.

The final stage is (hopefully) action in the form of buying something from you, using something like free shipping or making the offer time-limited to create a sense of urgency to your advantage. Alyssa Reichel of North Woodmere notes that it can take some strategy but if done right, a sales funnel will require little ongoing effort to see results.

Start a Franchise

If you already have a successful operation but you want to scale quicker, one way is by adopting a franchise model. Someone else will be using your brand and the same product/service offerings, but you will get an up-front franchise fee and a percentage of their gross revenue.

Offer a Loyalty Program

Giving your customers rewards for buying a certain amount of stuff from you is a great way to have them coming back, and it might attract new customers that see your offerings as more value-added than the competition.

By following these tips from Alyssa Reichel, you can build a sustainable long-term business in North Woodmere (or anywhere) while adding new customers regularly.

Alyssa Reichel of North Woodmere, New York is an entrepreneur with a passion for fashion and style. She owns her own jewelry and accessory boutique in New York.

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