Alyssa Reichel of North Woodmere’s Top 3 Jewelry Trends for This Fall/Winter

As a jewelry boutique owner, Alyssa Reichel of North Woodmere knows how often trends in fashion come and go. However, when it comes to jewelry, nothing beats a new piece that’s trendy and fresh. If you’re like Alyssa Reichel, you know what it’s like to want to wear a different necklace, pair of earrings, or bracelet(s) every day with each outfit. That’s why following new and evolved jewelry trends can be so exciting.

Whether you like bold, statement pieces, or you’re more of the daintier type, these three jewelry trends are Alyssa Reichel of North Woodmere’s top picks for the season.

1. Shells, Shells & More Shells

We’ve seen the shell jewelry trend spike in Spring 2019, and it has shown no signs of slowing down. Casual, yet beautiful, the shell jewelry trend is the real deal. Even though the warmer, sunny days have ended, shell jewelry can still be found in many of your favorite stores and jewelry boutiques.

And while shell jewelry isn’t necessarily a new trend — we can all remember back in the early 2000s when pukka shell necklaces were everywhere — it seems that the 2019 shell jewelry trend has evolved into a more beautiful, classier type that has mixed the shells with pretty golds and shiny silvers. So, if you’re looking for something to beautify your look, Alyssa Reichel of North Woodmere encourages you try some shell jewelry.

2. Artistic & Abstract

Abstract jewelry is truly the perfect juxtaposition of simple and artistic. Though it may seem unconventional, the trend is hot and rising. The least definable of the trends, abstract jewelry celebrates artistry and creativity to its fullest extent as the pieces are both unique and tasteful. Whether you’re looking for earrings twisted into intricate shapes, or bracelets designed with raw, artsy edges, abstract jewelry is sure to give your look some dramatic brilliance — day or night.

3. Chain & Links

Alyssa Reichel of North Woodmere continues to notice the trendy chokers, chains, and mismatched earrings of Spring 2019 haven’t gone anywhere. Although simplicity is in, so too is the big and the bold. Wearing bold chain links and big hardware is a trend that seems to be on everyone’s ears, necks and wrists — even for those who would have previously preferred lighter, more simple-looking pieces.

Jewelry Trends to Try Now

This season will deliver plenty of adornments to make a bold statement, but still feel glamorous. Size and shape are the key elements of today’s hottest jewelry trends. As Alyssa Reichel of North Woodmere knows, trends may fade, while others have the staying power to elevate your look no matter the year. So, why not give of these Fall and Winter jewelry trends a try? You may just find a piece that can be passed down for decades.

Learn more about Alyssa Reichel of North Woodmere, and her love for fashion and jewelry here.

Alyssa Reichel North Woodmere

Alyssa Reichel of North Woodmere, New York is an entrepreneur with a passion for fashion and style. She owns her own jewelry and accessory boutique in New York.

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