An open and very short letter to “very smart” people

I recognize I do not write this to the “very smart” people Trump references as the reason he has no need to defend his alternative facts. Few of them will read this, and not because of their IQ. I write anyway — because, for now, we have freedom of speech and a free press and an open internet medium to reach a multitude of intelligent and free-thinking individuals.

Dear “very smart” people,

The world is changing. Not only the political climate and the interpretations of democracy, but also the rising temperatures, the food we have access to, and the very experience of individuals living in this world.

One day, these changes will impact your experience too. My hope is that it will not be too late. My fear is that it already is.

With the recent executive order that bans perceived Muslims, including Syrian refugees, from seeking life of freedom and sanctuary; “very smart” people celebrate.

My sadness is that one day, you will be a refugee too. Whether by climate, conflict, or common sense.

For now, we are all refugees of inhumanity.

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A moderately smart and also concerned person