No. I’m Not Following You.
Alex Wolf

So much YES. I noticed this when I cleaned up my twitter timeline recently. I’d find myself scrolling and rolling my eyes at a lot of stuff constantly but never hitting the “unfollow” button. One day, some bs popped up and I finally went to that page and unfollowed and then asked myself, “Why was I following this page in the first place?” That led me down this rabbit hole, going through everyone I was following and now when I scroll through my TL, it’s all stuff that inspires me, teaches me something or makes me laugh. Such a huge difference.

As far as being told to follow (like) a page vs. being given the option…maybe it’s because I’m a Virgo, maybe it’s because I’m my father’s daughter, whatever the case may be, TELLING me to do something is the quickest way to get me NOT TO do it.

Great read, Alex.

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