The importance of reconnecting with YOU

Too often, humans become a tad over-indulged in our worldly possessions (it’s nature, don’t beat yourself up) and forget how to find inner peace and happiness within themselves first and foremost. Because of conditioned behaviors learned over time, we can all tend to fall into line of how we were raised or how our parents were raised. This does not have to translate into something bad, every person has learned many valuable lessons from our parents and elders and have gathered how to be or how not to be in our lives.

Thanks to neuroplasticity and rad brains, we have the power to reverse years of habits, damages, or negative behaviors. All within ourselves! We can practice reprogramming our brains to replace any fear, worry, doubt, and judgement on us and others and instead exchange it with confidence, drive, positivity and love. Do everything with a thoughtful heart and mind; you will then begin seeing the benefits it reaps in your life. Cliché aside!

Choose to tweak even one routine or start leading a more wholesome life overall; the smallest changes truly make the biggest difference. Whatever your innately human, guilty material pleasure is, whether it be collecting crazy patterned socks to wear to business meetings, splurging on a special brand of make up, obsessing over a television series, or possibly even vicariously living your childhood dreams through the toys you buy your kids (hover board, drones, or other awesomely cool forms of transportation I might be forgetting in the 2010’s); we all have to remember to get back to the earthly basics and simplify our life to humble ourselves, quiet our minds, and set examples for future generations to come.

We are all human. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be religious, spiritual, or any other label to be in touch with your inner self. Remembering to hear your body, mind, and being able recognize the signs it gives you when something is off balance. Essentially, listening to your inner wisdom is what we need to thrive and live to the fullest potential.

We often cruise through life on autopilot. Pushing through our days as quickly as possible, snoozing alarm clocks as long as possible and rushing off to school or work, forgetting breakfast and starving brains, inefficiently chugging through work of the day wishing it would hurry up and be over, secretly hating coworkers, biting tongues just to receive paychecks and go home. Many times not getting any physical exercise, missing out on the benefits of eating nourishing foods, or exciting our brains and getting lost in topics that interest us, or engaging in activities that excite our minds and make our souls feel alive. This can sometimes cause anxiety, depression, and self doubt; a lack of fulfillment and questioning your lifestyle and intentions.

While some people might enjoy a fast paced lifestyle, grinding long hours and living for work, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Ignoring ourselves and our needs is something we have to let go of. Excitement is an emotion we all need to feel in our lives for that piece of fulfillment. Those moments of pure joy without a second thought, completing activities that truly create joy and give that naturally craved adrenaline rush.

There is a HUGE difference between being busy and productive. Start as early as when you open your eyes in the morning. Take some time before snoozing and rolling over for another 25 minutes, before jumping up to rush into the shower, or instantly be sucked into scrolling through social media and answering emails; sit quietly(or meditate) for even a few moments and close your eyes. Here is a little reminder and motivation to start your days. If you forget sometimes, end your days with this uplifting piece.

Remind yourself how beautiful this life truly is, from every living being outside, to the roof you have over your head, to the powerful brain you have in your skull. You are limitless. Give gratitude to yourself for taking care of you and thank those support systems around you. Be aware of the moment you are in and include this in your routine throughout the day. When you believe in yourself and trust your instincts, true change begins manifesting in your life. Diminish self deprecating thoughts and poor habits. Although hard at times, remember that every thing in life is a LESSON and if you don’t learn from it this time around, it will keep on repeating itself until you do. Stop judging yourself and others for all the mistakes made because all it does is set back time and no-one needs that. We are not black, white, yellow, polka dotted, or stripped, we are HUMAN. Forgive, forgive, forgive. Life is a mysterious path for every soul. Grudges are too unimportant to carry. Don't personalize everything, most people have a reason for acting a certain way. Still forgive them even if it hurts. Move on and shift higher. You’ll thank yourself later. Remember throughout your day that anger is a secondary emotion and to do everything with love first. You cannot control others actions but you can control your reaction; breathe through it, words can often be venomous, observe, and understand that everyone experiences every day differently, all 7 Billion of us.

After we are all finished with full days of class, 24 hour shifts at the hospital, or office hours… take care of you! Eat that piece of chocolate you’ve been craving, write your emotions down, go on that nature walk and spend time alone, spend more time with loved ones, do absolutely WHATEVER brings your soul true peace.

Maybe you enjoy doing kind gestures for friends, family, neighbors, or strangers. Paying a bill at a restaurant for a stranger, bringing your friend a coffee to work, picking up a family members favorite food from the store. Possibly you like to join leagues and clubs for group sports or coach a sport for a local children's’ team. Maybe your forte is gardening outside, reading, or writing in your journal as a form of meditation. Going on hikes, adventuring to unknown places in your community, bike riding, planting your own fruits and vegetables. Remember the world around us and the endless amount of collaborative activities we can engage in for one another. Living life with your highest good and others in mind will completely transform your life forever, you get back what you put out into the universe ten-fold.