Getting Social: Walk To End Alzheimer’s pages make the switch to groups

Most of us click the Like button on Facebook pages (such as the Chapter’s page) but what many people do not realize is how little content makes it to their news feed.

On average, only 3 to 5 percent of Facebook page followers will see a post from an organization like the Alzheimer’s Association, Central New York Chapter. Sometimes it’s more, but sometimes it’s less.

Facebook is an important tool to communicate with Walk To End Alzheimer’s participants. We consulted with experts in social media and changed the way we use Facebook. You may have noticed that we are no longer updating the Facebook pages for each individual Walk. On September 1, we will turn those pages off permanently.

Don’t worry. We have a replacement. Each Walk To End Alzheimer’s event in Central New York now has its own Facebook group. Why is this better?

As we said earlier, 5 percent or less of a Page’s followers will see a post. More than 75 percent of Facebook Group members will see a post when it is made. Groups work just like Pages, with photos, events and other information available.

How do you join? You can visit our Chapter’s Facebook page and click the Groups tab. Choose from the Walks in that list and click the Join button. We will provide the same great information we always have, but in a format where our Walkers are more likely to see it. You can also find a list of the groups below.

Central New York Walk To End Alzheimer’s Facebook Groups:

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