Nowadays, social media can be seen as either a problem or an excuse. We have been injected into a society which is pretty much based on our looks, our tastes, likes, and where we hang out. It has even become a rule to check out someone´s profile to see if he or she is adequate, if they fit in our life, or most importantly, if they have a similar or same lifestyles as us.

There is no mystery now when it comes to getting to know someone. Just go on their social media and you can discover their whole life, past relationships, best friends, family, everything. We have become judgemental, some may even ask, how many likes do their pictures have? How many followers
 do they have? Who are they following? What are they liking? Where are they going? We then pathetically act surprised when they tell us something we have already seen.

Nevertheless, some may use Instagram for example, as a form of protection, something that hides the “real” you. Sometimes I do get to see normal pictures of someone doing something, that can be classified as something boring (which won´t attract much attention) Hence, it´s as though we have adapted ourselves to believe that we must live up to a certain lifestyle, i.e. upload only when entertained. What is the point of uploading? Is it to attract attention? Is it so that our lover, mate, partner see´s the picture? Do we think that because they will see it, it will give them courage to talk to us? Many times, my girlfriends say “Oh, he just followed me! and we just met today!” or “Wow, he just liked my pic!” Does this even signify anything? Is it something real? Are we relying our love life on social media?

Do we actually need a picture to show that we are happy, entertained, going out to the best and most popular places just to hide our real feelings, or just to hide the fact that we are at home, alone and bored? Do single or multiple likes signify that we like a person? or are there mere hints?. Are the amounts of questions we ask ourselves or our friends about a picture normal? Is it all based on approval?

In all, has our Instagram profile become our social CV?