Against Television

freedom is much more than legal, freedom can be stimulated

As always, indigenous developments in black culture get pushed aside to clap for developments in mass media and mass culture. 13–19: let’s meet after school, please, a train station and talk in perfect circles until they meet, 19–30: I’m woman who makes street and room beautiful, 30–50: I’m amazingly young, 60–90: I am both wisdom and order and should impart on others means street culture, not one of the developments that I have mentioned mean thinking about the beautiful street, open, culture that blackness has become unless if it’s to add to a black soap opera storyline. No one has an idea for a new festival other than the music festival that would develop from black outdoor culture. How about how blacks gather and socialize in parks? What could participation in an open market mean for black culture (selling, playing, laughing, singing)? Instead, the new developments in black soap opera television is now being billed as a cultural renaissance.

All of this black television points to one thing: predatory practice. Instead of thinking about street culture (black soul — w.e.b. dubois), the black person open to the world today, how to stimulate this person’s sense of freedom, instead of thinking about the fear of going outside and what it means for black culture, we are clapping for television and couch potato-ness. Because, u know, I like my television. Girl that’s my show. Man that show is ill. What else is everyone’s show is the theater of physical misery and boredom that does exist as the American life of blacks around us all.

What does soap opera television communicate? Historically, the poet, the griot or the bard / troubadour, the philosopher, wisdom, pedagogy, have been the sort of thing that progress human mentality and society. In the age of western-ism, when we venerate the philosopher but not wisdom, when we have thrown the old tales the old myths, rightly sometimes, wrongly on others, the only model of television is western television, entertainment and news, and the black led or fronted version of that must be the best that there possibly is. Wrong. Soap opera television does not progress or even enlighten the human being, it is a waste of time. It’s also one’s right to watch whatever one wants. It’s my right to say that I am against television because, as it exists today, it adds nothing of real value to black culture regardless of the color of the actress or actor, screenwriter, or director.