Claiming all white people are racist is ridiculous and offensive.
Steve Smith

Thanks for taking to the time to comment. I’m not religious, or new age for that matter, but ‘original sin’ is a very interesting and apt comparison.

I assume you agree that we don’t each start with a literal blank slate — when we’re born, the world already exists, and we immediately start absorbing it and internalizing it, starting with the lessons of our families and the society around us — even if we make our own choices as we go, we are impacted by things happened before we were born, and we do not create new ideas, we absorb existing ideas and adapt them as we experience more of life.

Beyond that, I doubt there’s much I could say to ‘argue’ my point to you, as I suspect we’re starting from different fundamental assumptions. But at one time I would have wholeheartedly agreed with your comment, and gradually I have come to see things differently. All the best.

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