Love for family

Image source:Pixabay

A crow family collected twigs from surrounding. They built nest on a mango tree in a sugarcane field. The mama crow laid eggs. When they hatched there was no bound for crows joy.

Papa and mama flew brought food. They brought fruits, nuts, and worms. The children greeted them caw sound. They opened their little red mouth to be fed.

One day, a troop of monkeys came. There were large and small monkeys, young and old. There were monkeys with their babies clutching them.They came in search of food. They started jumping on trees and snapping branches. Some monkeys began to pull fruits to eat. The others chewed sugarcane to drink juice. They threw the mangoes that were unripe.

A dog guarding the field saw the monkeys. It started barking at them and chasing.One of the monkeys came to the tree. This was the tree where the crows resided. The crows were frightened, their nest would be destroyed. They started driving the monkey away from their nest. Yelled caw at the monkey. The mama pinched him with her beak at the tail and feet. Papa flew at his face to block his view of nest. Together they distracted the monkey from approaching their nest.

Such was the love for their family. The monkey ran from there with pain. The crows delighted with the victory and returned to the nest to join the nestling.