We hear music everyday in various forms

Today is world music day. As I would do any other day, I listened to music. I came across an interesting music video. The music video is about the noise one hears everyday. From morning till evening, we live with and are used to hear various kinds of sounds. When we wake up in the morning, we listen to prayers sung by religious institutions such as temples, mosques and church. Then we hear the noise form the streets with here people are going with their daily chores. We meet people who talk to us. We have notifications from social media we use from mobile phones. We enter elevator, the music greets us. Like this, the music video goes on.

Other than the noise from human activities , if we listen carefully, we can actually appreciate the sound around us. Being a nature lover, I like to listen to the chirping of the birds early morning. The birds are preparing to leave their nest in search of food. Later in their evening when they return back then they make sound too. In summer, we can hear, koyal’s sweet voice. We hear crows too.

There are lots of squirrels running around near my home. Everytime they too make sounds. We can listen to cow calling amba to its owner. A calf calls it mother when it’s hungry. If you are a cat or dog owner then you would love the sound they make to attract your attention.

In rainy season,we can hear sound when the sound when wind blows, the sound of leaves falling from the trees, rain hitting the ground or the roof of house. The praises and experience of the sound are even written sung in poems. These music are composed by nature.

These sound are a part of our activities. Without these, our day wouldn’t pass. Our alarm makes wakes us up. When you turn on the tap, water pours out making noise. While cooking, the pressure cooker whistles. So the list would go on. Sound is part of our day. I have shared few of them, which occurred to me.

Music is an art. Musical instruments played by an artist can be pleasant to soul. A piece of wood or any other material carved into different shape with different size can produce wonderful note. I am not an expert on the musical instruments. But when i think of it, it amazes me. The sound waves sent inside a column can produce different tunes by varying the size of column.

Music is a talent of people who practice it daily. Not everyone can sing and play musical instruments. Some of musicians, have made it a part of their life. It’s their hobby and profession. We get to listen to excellent music played by them and enjoy. We play music when we happy and sad. We are thankful for such wonderful music.

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