Sleep well, keep calm

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One of the lessons I have learnt is that, even if there is a very important exam, work presentation it is very necessary that I should have a good night sleep and not worry.

I am an order liking person. Wherever I have to go or whatever I have to do I plan beforehand. When I have to go somewhere, I make sure I have everything I need. I see that I reach a place on time. I wake up early 6 am in the morning and sleep by 10 pm night. This was actually a rule followed at home so that I develop good habit. Even for exams days,I do the same. I had heard most of the students talk how they stayed awake late night for studying. I never thought of it as necessary.

Even when I joined hostel, I did not give up the routine.One incident happened during my first year masters program.There was first semester final examination.It was first time that I was studying for exam at hostel. Till then I had only heard students speak that they stayed late night to study for the exam. That day I witnessed it. For every exam on a subject there was a day leave between two exams. It so happened that there were exams two consecutive days. This further disturbed my mind. I was looking at worried students studying in hostel on the day before of the exam. It was in the night. It made me think that I had studied less. I got sleepless. I tried to convince myself that I was okay, I could not. I stayed awake even though I was sleepy.I started reading some related material (which I later realised, I only confused myself more). Finally around 1 am in the morning I fell asleep. Morning when I woke up I was still worried that I would not do well. I went to give exam. During the exam, the questions was confusing. I could not think clearly. I was afraid and felt like crying. I then consoled myself and I wrote whatever I could remember. I did told myself not to worry and I have done good in the exam.

From then onward, I decided that, I would think whether certain situations are applicable to me and then make decision. It also taught me that, even though I have not studied or I am not prepared for the exam I should have a good night sleep. It will give me fresh mind when I wake up next morning. It can help me think clearly. I see anyone worrying on anything, I analyse whether should I worry about it? or does it apply to me? If it does how will it affect me? I calm myself and then find a solution.

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