Trek to watch sunrise from hill top


Early morning I woke up to watch the sunrise. Climbed 575 steps to reach the top of the Anjanadri hill. Anjanadri hill lies in Anegondi in Karnataka. The place is also famous for to view sunrise.

It was still dark when I started to climb. Moon still shining fewer stars and navy blue sky. The path was curved and narrow. For every 10 steps, I stopped to catch my breath. Gradually, the light began to fill in.

From top of the hill, river Tungabhadra flowing towards a mountain appears like a snake.

One can see houses and fields arranged are arranged in blocks. Herd of cows moving, appears as white patching moving.

There is a Hanuman temple on the top. The hill is known to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman and has a place called Kishkinda that was the cave of Sugriva (monkey King in Ramayana).

Sun can be seen appear between mountains far from there. Sun peeps between the mountains. The curved shaped firmed by mountains was a perfect fit for the curvature of sun. Sun rises gradually above and fill the sky with rays. The sunrise was breathtakingly beautiful.

It was tiring and awesome trek. The sunrise was worth it.

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