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About Us

amHuman is an innovative mobile app lab based in Silicon Valley.

Our Mission

We are making the web a net-positive place to be — one app at a time.

The App

Our latest invite-only beta release app enables friends to discover and share the funniest content on the web from their phone — for new and deeper ways to connect with your friends.

Our Current Position / Restrictions

The latest AmHuman app is in Beta, as of yet unnamed, unbranded, and a blank canvass for new, innovative, inviting and intuitive design. It is in a semi-stealth stage, and as such is not yet distributed in the app-store. We’re testing to see who it’s going to work best for, and how to reach that audience in an organic way. The Beta is an iOS app, so we are not yet distributing to Android or other platforms.

Target User

A user who has a solid group of friends (teammates, co-workers, etc.), likes to share inside jokes/funny web content with them, and is ready to invite friends to connect in the app. Think of segmenting power users into likely groups, i.e. middle school, high-school, college, couples, teammates, coworkers, etc.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Our app can kill your boredom, provide some decent entertainment, but is also a way to create newer or deeper connections, in an exclusive space.


Once you’ve gotten a feel for the product, you have free reign to consider the design opportunities for the app as a whole. You’ll work directly with the founders to help realize the mission of a world filled with more laughter.


Depends on Experience & Performance.


We’re looking for a creative self-starter that is passionate about beauty in design, has a strong point of view, and isn’t afraid to make a strong statement with a modern, social, fun space to be created in this app.

Apply Here

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