Without guidelines in place to field your options, choosing a digital product agency can be a daunting and confusing task. We’ve broken down some green, yellow, and red flags to help you pinpoint the truly spectacular agencies and steer clear of the agencies that might not have your best interests at heart.

Green flags to be aware of when choosing a digital product agency

Technology holds all of us together — especially now. Every business’s digital toolkit exists so that its employees can stay connected, collaborate, and move the needle on important company initiatives. It’s important, now more than ever, for companies to work smarter, not harder.

But when it comes to building digital products (or iterating on existing apps), many teams skip a very critical step: prototyping & testing with real users. Why is that?

Oftentimes, teams are pressured to find solutions to problems using technology, but fail to create a direct line of feedback with the people using the application. Other times…

We’re a digital product agency — agency being the keyword here. Clients hire us to bring their digital products to life and elevate their business through strategy, design, and development. As an agency, we know how vital collaboration is in order to achieve results. And, unfortunately, we know agencies don’t always deliver on what they say they’re going to do.

Do any of these scenarios ring true?

  • Things started out strong, but quickly devolved to the point that we stopped working together.
  • There wasn’t a positive dynamic between our teams.
  • I wished there was more frequent communication and updates.
  • We’ve…

On any given day, the Crema offices look different. Sometimes, they are bustling with meetings, conversations, collaboration, and maybe even an impromptu limbo contest (It’s been known to happen).

Other times, you could hear a pin drop. You’d see a few employees deep in their work, heads down and focused. While things might appear to be slow and empty, in reality, work is getting done and collaboration is happening remotely.

Over the last few years, we’ve invested in the practice of remote work because we believe our team members deserve to be wherever they need to be to get their…

Disclaimer: This article serves to educate and inspire an easier, more agile way to approach contracts. It is not all-encompassing or legally advising. I hope some of the things you read below are helpful in your agency or business.


Let’s run through an all-too-familiar scenario.

A prospect goes through the agency sales process, is qualified by the team, and lands in the lap of you, the project manager. You read through the scope of work that’s been generated (not to mention, signed) to find out that a tall order has been promised. …

Scrum ceremonies are important elements of the agile software delivery process. They are not just meetings for the sake of having meetings. Rather, these ceremonies provide the framework for teams to get work done in a structured manner, help to set expectations, empower the team to collaborate effectively, and ultimately drive results. If they’re not managed appropriately, however, they can overwhelm calendars and drown out the value they are intended to provide.

These ceremonies fulfill & enable several core/original principles. …

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

Whether you’re new to the software development game or been a player for years, chances are you’ve participated in a sprint retrospective. If done well, these agile meetings can highlight opportunities for change, generate meaningful process improvements, and ultimately move the team in the right direction. If done poorly, a sprint retrospective can turn into a blame game or give some of the loudest voices a platform to gripe about something happening in the project, without suggestions to make things better. (Spoiler alert: that’s not how they should go).

Keep reading if you want to understand how you can use…

How To NOT Get Screwed by Your Agency: Project Management Series, Part 4

Results. It’s what any project comes down to.

Over the course of our series detailing how to NOT get screwed by your agency, we’ve discussed multiple factors to consider when choosing to hire a software development firm. From the way teams work together internally to managing expectations along the way, there are a lot of moving pieces that must come together to produce desired outcomes.

When these pieces start to sync up, the real magic happens, and results can be achieved.

Unfortunately, people have experienced the opposite. Sometime between the project kickoff and the wrap up, things go awry. Whether…

How To NOT Get Screwed by Your Agency: Project Management Series, Part 3

We’ve been talking recently about how to not get screwed by your agency. We think this is a crucial topic. After all, clients are spending money with an agency to bring their product and vision to life. Shouldn’t they know what to expect?

We think they should and have worked diligently to ensure our partner-driven relationships create a shared understanding of what’s happening during a project’s lifecycle.

We’ve discussed the impact our agile engagements have on how we manage our internal team. …

Alexa Alfonso

Director of Marketing at @cremalab, a digital product agency. Human, being.

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