Think on these things — here’s how to live happily in this crazy digital world

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  • Unresolved conflict
  • Repetition Compulsion — a repeat of an earlier life experience
  • Self neglect
  • Self slander/low self esteem
  • We must learn to confront and investigate our negative feelings. Avoiding them will make them grow stronger. you can ask yourself ‘why do I feel this way today’? Then, trace the cause or trigger.
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  • We have to avoid isolation and have a support network — have friends that believe in you and you can be real with and talk to. Take off that mask.
  • Exercise and take long walks.
  • Sleep well, maintain a healthy diet and cut out alcohol and caffeine.
  • See a doctor or therapist.
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In conclusion

So if you think you’re on the brink of losing it, or you’re having repeated negative thoughts of hopelessness, anxiety disorders, or you think you’re not good enough for anything, I’m calling you to start your healing process by doing what Philippians 4:8 recommends. Think on all the good things of your life and if you feel there’s nothing good about you, then think about what God’s word says about you. The prophecies that have gone ahead of you. even though you may not look or feel like what you want right now, remember that in doing this, you’re taking your first steps to getting there. You can beat that depression or anxiety disorder today — think on these things.

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Amah Afadameh

Amah Afadameh

Lawyer, Pastor, Friend, Entrepreneur