The Tea for Arousing Your Senses

Tea is a type of beverage which is made from the plant of Camellia Sinensis presented in the tea leaves. The tea can be prepared by means of hot water which taste slightly bitter and provide enhancement for the body.

Among several herbal blends and fruit infusions,it is more likely defined as tisanes. The tisanes are a kind of Herbal supplements which has only herbs, botanicals and/or fruits generally called as tea-like herbal tea.

Assortments of tea:

Various types of tea are available in the present-day market but the fact is that they come from the same basic plant, the Camellia Sinensis. As per the difference over the climate, growing and geography condition it gets varied. Initially Camellia Sinensis plant belongs to the land of Asia but now it is planted worldwide. Among approximately 3,000 varieties of tea, some specific types are mentioned below:

1. Green tea

For those tea lovers who don’t like too much caffeine will definitely prefer Green tea since this tea shrinks only for some time and it also has very less oxidation process due to instant heat. When you make it on low flame and prepare this tea then it absorbs only little bit of caffeine and which gives awesome flavors as well.

2. Oolong tea:

The caffeine amount of green tea and black tea will form Oolong tea which provides very few levels of oxidation. But its flavour is totally differentwith added fragrance. The taste of Oolong tea is most likely same as the aroma of fresh flowers or fresh fruits.

3. Matcha Green tea

Matcha Green tea gives you more level of caffeine than any other tea. It contains the amount of caffeine similar to the cup of brewed coffee. You will find a perfect relaxation without drowsiness after taking this tea. The main ingredient in this type of tea is l-the nine which is a natural substance and can improve your sleep with match a ingredient and it is also known as Match tea.

Healthy facts about tea:

There is evidence that tea helps to reduce weight when it is taken in the normal amount. Also when you prefer tea means it will lower the pH of the tooth surface, suppressing the growth of periodontal bacteria and reduce the odd effect over teeth. Besides, it will provide benefits of decreasing heart attack numbers. The Premium teas are consumed worldwide and it has an array of potential health benefits too.

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