I know about the disaster of Chernobyl. When I was an elementary school child , I learned about the accident and the risk of nuclear power generation. But it was just as a knowledge. I didn’t think about it seriously. Because there is a gap between the accident and me. I mean the distance and the time lag.

Now Japan is facing same situation like my experience, i think. 
" Fukushima" became known to the world in 2011. But not by the beautifulness of the nature or a place associated with Byakko-tai, but through the damage by the big earthquake. 
As you know, there is a nuclear power plant. And it started melt down...
Therefore the people who live around the facility was forced to leave their house. It's also mean they had to leave their hometown and their memories. It's absolutely painful.
However, Japanese government is still trying to keep nuclear power generation in spite of the decisions of other countries to stop generating electricity by the way. I think they and some people who agree with their policy can't imagine the pain. Because they didn't feel the fear caused by the strong shock. Moreover they own their hometown and memories, of course.

Sometime it’s difficult to imagine a situation or a feeling that you haven’t experienced. But we have to try imagining and keep a tragedy in our mind.

Incidentally, you probably find another face of Fukushima from following website..;)

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