Dr. Ford came forward,
Alcohol + Boys Does Not = Rape
Anastasia Basil

Look, we need proof in all of this. That’s just how the world works. We need to empower people to report rape and what not, but we also need to make sure people aren't accused falsely.

I have seen many girls go to the club, pick up some random stranger, go home with them, sleep with them unprotected, regret in the morning and accuse the guy of rape

I certainly hope she wasn’t raped, but just cause she came forward doesn’t mean she is right. Doesn’t mean she was raped or that her life was ruined. If you’re willing to just believe that a woman was raped just because she says she was, you either have experienced a limited life(which would explain your bias and small perspective) or you are a misandrist and by the nature of your headline, you probably are.