On dating men with “potential”

This was great. A lot of things resonated for me, particularly reflections. I often see fragments of my single mother in the men I date, and I’m almost drawn to those who have problems with intimacy, just as she did.

The sharp familiar sting of catching a glimpse of someones inner self, for just a second, before they realise they are exposed, and sharply withdraw from you, showering you with criticism, makes my mouth dry and my guts ache even now. And I alway thought that the key to finally getting her (and men in my life) to love, embrace, and open up to me was to work really hard — then I could win their love. For me that’s the ‘potential’ you speak of, being drawn by how much work I have to do to get this love to be mutual and free flowing.

Thank you for writing this :)

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