Administer the Dosage of Bipolar Disorder Drugs with Lithium Enzymatic Assay Kit

Sometimes traditional methods of testing blood samples in order to detect different body conditions give unreliable results that can alter the whole course of a treatment. It can be really critical for the patients as most of the serious ailments like cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, renal diseases, diabetes, cancer and bipolar disorders depend on the accurate diagnosis of their condition. Such problems have been avoided with the introduction of enzymatic assays that work through test kits to correctly diagnose various diseases. These assays not only help in detecting different medical conditions but also assist the scientists to carry out researches in various fields. They are used as reagents on automated chemical analyzers to perform the diagnosis of any disease.

As our lifestyle has seen a drastic change in the recent past, most of us tend to develop mental problems that come under bipolar diseases. It happens when a person is not able to cope with the changing lifestyle and suffers from depression and mania. And, our food habits have also been altered that brings a lack of proper nutrition while making us more vulnerable to bipolar diseases. These problems can be treated with a combination of psychotherapy and and a range of prescribed medications. Lithium drugs are mostly used to treat bipolar disorders. However, lithium is a toxic element and can cause adverse effects on the body if consumed on a regular basis. In order to detect the toxic level of lithium and to ensure that proper drug dosage is administered for the bipolar disorder patients, Lithium enzymatic assay kits are used.

Most of us are meat-eaters and consume non-vegetarian food daily. When it happens, Homocysteine concentration is deposited in the blood that causes the deficiency of folate levels or Vitamin B12. In actual, Homocysteine is a type of amino acid formed from the metabolism of the Methionine found in the meat as well as dairy products. Many diseases and adverse health conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, chronic fatigue, arthritis,, diabetes, high blood pressure and even miscarriage can be caused due to the presence of Homocysteine. It also brings some peculiar diseases like hyperhomocysteinemia and homocystinuria. With the help of Homocysteine enzymatic assay kits, the level of Homocysteine concentration can be detected in the serum or plasma of human body.

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