An Open Letter to Millennials Like Talia…
Stefanie Williams

Dear Talia Jane:

You once bought (or maybe got a gift, or maybe a friend left behind) an expensive bottle of alcohol and complained that the multibillion dollar tech corporation you worked for pays poverty level wages in one of the most overpriced regions of the nation so clearly you are a frivolous and greedy girl who traveled 80 miles round trip daily at a cost of more than an hour’s wages and worked a 40 hour week while barely eating while having no work ethic at all!

I know this because you didn’t make the same choice I did, to fail at your job, then ignore your degree and career aspirations and go do manual labor for poverty wages in the food industry, where in addition to making obscenely low pay you could also enjoy the highest rate of sexual harassment and assault in any industry in the country! Your failure to make this choice gives me credence to lecture you from the position of extreme superiority conferred because my life, which is completely different from yours, has obviously been lead in the only possible correct fashion while you on the other hand are an abject failure because you have a bottle of bourbon in your possession!

Seriously? You wasted time in your life for this?

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