“Police lives matter” may anger people who are focusing and doing activism on racial bias in policing, but it is not degrading or abusive language.
I absolutely agree that calling out racism should never lead to being censored on Facebook.
Mahina Nightsage

That would be true if it existed in a vacuum. However the phrase only arose and is only used as a counterpoint to Black Lives Matter, particularly to suggest a hierarchy of value on human lives after a police officer kills an unarmed Black person and claims their fear for their life justifies their actions. We saw “police lives matter” deployed in this fashion in the defense and celebration of Betty Shelby as she was acquitted a couple of night ago.

Furthermore, the account that posted that photo is wall to wall cop supremacist messaging. All cops are heroes simply by existing, prayers for cops and corrections officers that prioritize their safety and return to their families (that have a 4x higher rate of abuse than any others) with no mention of safety of the people they encounter or guard, equivocating cops with soldiers in a combat zone, suggesting that cops have a specifically Christian “calling” and divine protection, talk about “brotherhood” and “men in blue” which marginalizes women cops — who we know statistically moderate and prevent violence their male counterparts increase and provoke — mockery of low wage workers, and lots of pro-gun and pro-shoot to kill, my fear trumps human life posts. It is a shrine to disrespect, violence and death.