All that, and you don’t think you or your party are responsible for the criminal acts of extremists on your own side??
While you see some of your conservative opponents as reasonable human beings, some of your fellow…
David Cearley

Unless something changed overnight, we have absolutely no idea who firebomb the GOP office in North Carolina, nor do we know their true motives or motivation. It might have been apolitical kids just trying to create chaos, it could’ve been an angry landlord, it could’ve been an intentional sympathy ploy/fundraising operation. Keep in mind that the corresponding Democratic HQ in the area was also vandalized, though not as seriously.

But while we don’t know why this firebombing happened, we do know that it is Trump who has been encouraging violent responses throughout this campaign, even promising (probably emptily) to pay his supporters’ legal bills if they were arrested for assaulting protesters at his rallies. One of his surrogates recently beat the drum for a violent reaction in the “rigged election” by invoking rioting with torches and pitchforks, and that surrogate is a law enforcement official.

Where is the corresponding exhortation to violence from the left? Has Hillary Clinton encouraged beatings? Have Democratic pundits or surrogates have been calling the legitimacy of the entire process into question and suggesting a violent reaction or response to it?

Suggesting that there is a “both sides do it” situation, where violence and extremism is concerned, is just not a reflection of reality — or the reality of the bulk of politically motivated violence in this country for the last three decades.

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