The first day of anything will cause long lines.
Jill Gilber

We don’t actually do “just fine.” While we do have more abundant polling places in urban communities than many other states we also have abysmal turnout, year after year. Even for presidential elections we’re lucky if 1/4 of eligible voters cast a ballot.

We also have a state legislature run by the man who admitted that the purpose of the (now voided) voter ID law was to suppress Democratic votes and give Romney a victory here. He’s made it clear that he will not allow any modernization efforts — same day registration, early voting, expanded vote by mail, online absentee ballot requests, expanded polling hours — so long as he’s in office and the republicans control the legislature. They do not want people to vote because they know higher voter numbers do them no favors. They’re maintaining power by suppressing the voices of the citizens.

Things here are in no way “just fine.”

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