Bad Boys Do It Better


Girls love bad boys. To some of us it makes sense, to the others… they’re never really able to get what they really want, are they?

There’s a reason for this. Sure, confidence is a lot to do with it. You don’t even want to have a conversation with someone who can’t make eye contact. Girls might have some biological need for dominant, rebellious males, at least for a moment. But, there’s more to the archetypal ‘bad boy’ idea that has a lot to do with how society perceives them.

Never trust the Swedish.

Go to any business that is big enough to have managers or an HR department. Find a way to view the records of their employees. They’ll have their choice selections that they go to when they need orders followed and executed. Good followers just waiting for a pat on the head. Cute. But, probe for their worst employees, and you’ll get one of two variations.

That guy.

There are the people who just aren’t any good and are gliding until they finally do something egregious enough to get thrown out or fade into some random dead-end where they make just enough (and just little enough) to be mutually tolerated. You should probably cut your losses and move on without these type of people.

The other type will be the people who are actually good, smart, creative, but don’t give a f*!$. They choose which directives to obey, they’re constantly disgruntled or frustrated by something, and while most people would rather not talk to them, they do good enough work to be tolerated. These type of people are not meant for whatever they’re doing. And yet, ironically, they’re your all-stars, not the good boy that follows your every order and grins knowing one day you’ll eventually retire and then his reign can begin.

Good girls want bad boys because of what they represent. They’re usually cocky, counter-culture, and reject generally accepted folkways about how to think and conduct oneself in polite society. If you want a child who can survive in the wild, it’s better to mix with a man who won’t lazily follow the rest of the flock of sheep off a cliff. And if you’re a business who is looking for a contrarian thinker who can envision different realities and (with some help) actually create them…well that sounds like money in the bank.

The best asset of most companies are actually one of the most derided. So if you’re a startup or a company looking for an injection of youthful vigor and creativity, you might want to start looking where you wouldn’t expect. And if you want to be a bad boy…well, just leave that to the professionals.

It’s all in the ‘stache.