Help is Necessary

Blue magic woman.

Stories tell tall tales of stalwart warriors, fearsome pirate captains, mighty kings, titans of industry, and despite this hero worship, some stories date to tell about the Sanch0 Panza’s, the logistics officers, the pursers, the crew, or the other people in general supporting your favorite protagonist.

We have great proverbs about teamwork like, ‘there is no I in team’, ‘if you want to go far, go together’, ‘none of us is as bad as all of us’, etc, too.

So we cheer for heroes, we acknowledge that there are teams that succeed together, but all of that is kind of assumed. We assume someone will rise up and be superman. We assume our team will just be there when we need them. But, in reality, it doesn’t always turn out that way. In fact, I’d say all of that is a lot rarer than most people expect.

The part most people don’t get to see is the difficult time where a person asks for help. Now, you might be saying, well I’ve got family that are there for me. Gandalf mysteriously coalesced teams of hobbits, dwarves, and elves. Stella had friends to help bring her groove back. But, for every one grooves brought back and for every one ring found, there are millions of mere mortals held back by their lack of network, barkada, friends, family, etc.

Now here’s the solution! Or it would be if there were a good/easy one to give. As a freelancer, if you need help check out StackOverflow or an online forum that supports your niche. If you’re a singer trying to find a quick route to your next gig, Google Maps or Waze can help. If you’re a person trying to build businesses who chooses to live in a continent where no one knows you, the culture is hostile, and bureaucracy is rampant…well there’s no app for that yet.

Use what you can. Be discerning about who you spend your time with. Take time to visit home or visit people you actually have some history with. Don’t spend all of your time isolating yourself. Build a routine. And ask for help.

When you ask for help, understand that you probably won’t get it, especially if you’re one of these people choosing a more difficult set of scenarios. Especially if you’re in a big city. Especially if you’re among people who aren’t used to helping or being helped. People don’t care, and if you were in their place, chances are you wouldn’t either.

The hero Gotham needs.

So help others. It will be thankless (a part of why so few people would help you). People won’t care how much effort you put in so long as they can keep taking from you. You will be taken advantage of at least a few times .But, this is how you can build a rapport, confidence, and knowledge of your surroundings. Do what you can with what you have, and be willing to share it.

Now, if someone asks you for help. Help them. Or don’t. But, if you don’t…don’t expect great things for yourself.

Of course this is being ‘helpful’.