Master Modern Marketing by Making

Marketing is an old term that your parents and grandparents might relate more to the ad campaigns in Mad Men than the most popular channels on Snapchat. While advertising is still a very relevant part of marketing, it has evolved with the rest of the world into a more digital nature as one of many tools spread your message.

Effective organizations and marketing firms today, especially those targeting Millennials, have had to be creative to cut through the noise. Since platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Reddit, Vine, etc. have replaced most billboards and newspapers, media production and data analytics are the main tools of any master marketer. On these new venues, ‘content is king’, so organizations don’t make flyers; they create memes. They don’t just make ads, they create viral videos. Dynamic, reactive, and timely entertainment and intrigue to get their message or brand to stick.

Growth hacking is a creative evolution and application of the classic marketing concept that combines creativity, analytics, and the use of technology to capture thousands, if not millions, of users at blinding speeds compared to legacy media.

At phi | Philippine Higher Institute, we’ll bring out your creativity and teach you the technical skills to spearhead marketing and content strategies that will get your competitors lining up to buy whatever you’re selling. If you’re interested in leading communities, making movements, creating entertainment, and changing minds, we’ve got a major just for you.