The Future is Here…It’s Just Not Evenly Distributed

This is actually Dublin. Nice pic though.

Here in the Philippines, we’re working to build solutions through technology to circumvent unnecessary bureaucracy and outdated infrastructure to actually help people and give them what they want faster/better/more easily.

Fanboi HQ

We use React.js and Node.js to build apps that entertain (like one that was recently demoed at E3) and matter to users. We use data analysis for reducing churn, to identify patterns in user behavior, detect anomalies, and more. We didn’t build all of the the tools and libraries we use, but we do make the most of the ones available and do the best we can.

The future is made of stuff like these.

In some places now, we have drones that deliver food to you. Medical professionals can use portable MRI’s that can be uploaded to a doctor and analyzed by algorithms on the other side of the world instantly. Students can take online courses from anywhere in the world…and with the increasing interest in VR and real-time technology, soon the teachers will be able to interact in real-time back to each individual student or take that international class on a live, VR tour of the Louvre or Giza. Capital can be accessed and moved nearly instantly. Rocket ships are being designed to mine asteroids. Cars will drive you anywhere you want. Giant indoor farms can be manned by a handful of humans and automated to produce more food than even big cities would need. We even have a thousand image filters for you to take amazing, artistic photos of your favorite, feline friends.

…because we went out of business.

And all of this is ‘disrupting’ or massively changing legacy industries and career paths. Places like call centers, bank branches, grocery stores, giant offices, and factories will continue to go the way of MySpace, Blockbuster, Borders, and DeLoreans. Yes, even in your country or city.

Hong Kong’s financial companies will be strangled by the likes of WeChat and AliPay. The BPO’s in the Philippines will be replaced with virtual, learning chat bots. The massive grocery stores in somewhere like Texas will be replaced by an app.

There’s a lot to learn, and there’s plenty still that everyone in our office don’t know. In fact, most of the world doesn’t know about any of this stuff. But, these tools and ideas can be learned by anyone, regardless of background, income, education, etc. And, if you don’t bother learning about the future, then you’ll just be another relic of the past.

So keep learning. Seriously. Future you — and us — are depending on it.