The mindset and tools you need to grow your app and business

Today’s concept is called: Growth Hacking

Let’s start from the very beginning… why does this mix of words has become that popular? What is Growth Hacking?

We are super digital! I mean look around you, stop and analyze how your friends, colleagues even how your granny behave: We buy things on the internet, we look for recommendations in forums, we check youtube to compare products… Our habits are different and most of our channels are online so marketing must adapt and reinvent to this new behaviors and technologies.

The marketing world and the techie become partners to create the perfect match, and a guy called Sean Ellis call it Growth Hacking

Define Growth hacking

Growth hacking is a mindset, some sort of abilities and a vision that a team or a person has. The only thing that matters to a growth hacker is growth.

This role has it’s origins in the startups and now is becoming more popular in every business. This new discipline encourages you to think creatively, to get the maximum benefits with low resources. It’s all about acquiring customers, engaging them, purchasing, retaining and making your customers refer you.

Characteristics of a growth hacker

A growth hacker isn’t a set of skills or a stock of knowledge, as the founder of Clarify, Dan Martell sayed, “Growth hacking is a mindset more than a toolset”. Consequently there is a common attitude: all are data-driven, are creative, curious and follow processes to get to their goals.

Growth elements

Analytical mindset:

Growth hackers make their decisions based on metrics. As they are constantly producing ideas and having experiments, they have to measure what is working and what is not and for that, they have clear KPI (Key Performance Indicators). There isn’t any specific way to grow just measure what is working, that’s all. Growth hackers view data as inspiration for a better product.


Growth hackers are driven by data and moving metrics. However, they are also creative problem solvers. These folks have to think and create their own path to scale and in many cases, they don’t have resources at all. For example, sometimes few changes in the interface can make a huge impact on the revenues from an e-commerce.


Growth hackers are always exploring new ways to push the metrics up to the right, they know every trend and are curious about how the users behave. In addition, they explore other sectors in order to combine different ways of doing things.

To go deeper in this theme I recommend The Medici Effect by Frans Johansson


They are familiar with various disciplines and skills. This means that they know a little bit of everything, like psychology, viral loops, email marketing, analytics etc. However, they also have more expertise in a concrete area that is supposed to be their strength


Stop paralysis! It’s all about launching and testing new experiments to learn as soon as possible what is working and what is not.


  • You’ll love the technology just like you love muffins.
  • You’ll automate every process, activity and event
  • You will learn a little bit of coding and/or you will have a very good programmer friend.

Last but not least, is really important to have well-defined objectives and indicators of what success means.

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