Exciting new features to Google Chrome/Web in 2020 | Inside Story

Aman Sharma
Nov 22, 2019 · 5 min read

Chrome is the favorite browser among all categories, but what it makes for developers too is the features it provides to the developer community. With the statement of bringing always fresh and exciting tools for the developers let’s see what can we expect from chrome in 2020. They got announced at the Indian web community lead summit and Google for Mobile conference last week so chances are you won’t find this information anywhere else.


Before jumping into the actual features, this information is not too Top Secret. You can visit chromestatus.com to find out the upcoming, in-development and deprecated features.

New Features

Kenji Baheux ( Product Manager Google) announcing upcoming features


The goal of portals is to improve navigations, by providing faster and smoother transitions on the web, while maintaining the user’s privacy. This will be an alternate to iframes which can be implemented with similar kinds of tags.

<portal id="myPortal" src="https://www.example.com/"></portal>

Periodic Background Sync

Content Indexing

Web Bundles

A Web Bundle is a file format for encapsulating one or more HTTP resources in a single file. It can include one or more HTML files, JavaScript files, images, or stylesheets. This means you can carry your web project like an executable file and carry it wherever you want.

Lighthouse Bot

Lighthouse is a great tool for auditing site Performance, Accessibility and improving PWA capabilities. With the same capabilities Lighthouse bot, a CI utility is available to the public that helps in automatically performing audits on every PR.

Llama Pack

New Chrome API

SMS Reciever API

File System API

Contact Picker API

Biometric Authentication API

Deprecating/ ChangingFeatures

Chrome Apps & Extensions



Let’s See who wants to go the extra mile to make web even better.

Aman Sharma

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Young blooded techie + opensource lover | Google web BDC | WordCamp speaker | WG member AMP | Co-founder & CTO Twimbit

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