Indian Web Community Leaders Summit 2019 #iwcls | Highlights

Aman Sharma
Nov 20, 2019 · 4 min read
Googlers and Community influencers from all over India

Google invited 50 Ecosystem influencers, GDE’S and Community organisers to its offices in Bangalore and also Googlers from chrome, web and Design team from around the world to come together and discuss the things that can drive the future of web community in India forward.

I was also invited to represent AMP opensource Community.

Google has always tried to do something innovative by giving equal opportunity to new people trying to join opensource as well as bring expertise from around the world that can make significant changes to the web.

India Web community leaders Summit 2019 #iwcls was organised in keeping the following things in mind -

  1. Hear out the issues and problems that community leaders are facing.
  2. Discuss together solutions to major problems
  3. Discuss key trends and insights about the web
  4. Network and bring together different web communities in India
  5. Have a wonderful time with Googlers and get answeres.


Before the event, all the attendees were asked to come with the challenges that they think were mostly faced when running the community. And that’s what was the agenda for the next discussion.

Community Lead: Technical Leader or Program Manager

Women In Community

Open Source Contributions

Fun Night in Google’s way

Also, we heard out success stories from 2 community leads and how they have been doing great stuff using the web to conserve the environment.

State of Web

Paul ( Chrome DevRel ) introduced to us some key insights and upcoming cool things to the chrome and PWA’s. FileSystem API, SMS API and Lighthouse CLI bieng the favourite one. He also brought up the latest MDN survey that showed the common problems faced by developers and what could be done to fix them.

Googlers collecting feedback on Web platform

Then we had a live feedback session with googlers where we discussed our problems/queries and also came up with the suggestion that can improve web platform.

We also got to know 2 other community project one the platform that is bringing the communities together and others that are enabling VR/AR in Web.

Material Design

The Google Stardom


Aman Sharma

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co-Founder of, research tech company and, opensource mobile web community. He is a TechSpeaker and writes on AMP,PWA,Web,Cloud, ML/AI

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