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I am not sure if I will express it right since I don’t have big it development experience :) I would not want you to open source the core algorithms — this is your fantastic work which you should put to good use and make money from it obviously :)

But what I would love to see is something just like the bootstrap or foundation framework — a set of files, mainly some front-end + some pre constructed and easy to set up back-end that represent this function of sending an email with CV to various recipients and allowing to see the sender some feedback information (whether it was delivered, opened, downloaded, clicked etc). So for example each person with a bit of technical knowledge and own server/db can install it and track his own job applications. In future open source contributors could develop already made packages for different backend solutions and server configurations (amazon, google etc) + maybe some nice integrations with google spreadsheets, slack, wordpress etc etc At the end of the day I hope this could allow to enrich the existing hiring platforms/niche job boards etc that are focused mainly on the recruiter not recruitee experience.

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