“Gossip Girl Here”

“Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite.” This is the first line read before every episode of Gossip Girl, a show about extremely rich teenagers that live extraordinary lives on the upper east side of New York City. Gossip girl is a dram that displays the very clear difference between the rich and the poor. It uses the extremely rich of Manhattan, NYC and the middle to lower class from Brooklyn, New York. In the episode “Juliet doesn’t live here anymore,” it shows a stereotype of how the rich think and act as if they are of a higher level than everyone else. It also shows the stereotype of the poor and how they want to be like the rich so they basically follow their ways. Gossip Girl is a stereotypical show that portrays the rich to be powerful and better than everyone else because they can use their money and sneaky tricks to get whatever they want.

. The best example of the rich showing their power is the way they talk to each other and especially people with less money than them. Blaine Waldorf is one of the main characters on the show and she has a mais, Dorota. “Dorota you need to keep me away from Chuck for the next 24 hour.” “But miss Blair I…” “I don’t care now help keep me occupied!” Blair screams at the maid expecting her to drop whatever she was doing to occupy her right away. This tells rich viewers that they can be rude to people with less money than them because they have money therefore they have power. Their needs are more important than anyone else’s, so their little problems need to be dealt with before anything else. “Just because you have no money and an delusions of grander, does not make it okay for you to be a single white trash female” “You’ve failed every time and now it’s time for you to go” “If we catch you hanging around their again, there will be consequences” “and we are really good at payback.” These are quoted from Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald, and Serena Van Der Woodson, the four main characters in the show. They are talking to a girl Juliet who tried to do what is right and expose Serena for having an affair with her professor. However she failed because the rich protected each other. This shows viewers not to mess with the rich because they cannot play the game the way the rich can. This also shows viewers the stereotype that all of the rich have dirty secrets that they are constantly needing to cover up. This stereotype is basically what the entire show is about.

. Another example of the rich displaying their power in the show is the way the control the poor. Vanessa Abrams is a character from Brooklyn that does not have a lot of money and lives in a small apartment. She was framed for trying to sabotage Serena and now she is afraid to be anywhere around her, her friends, and family. “Well ever since the Hamilton House, I’m dead to anyone in Serena’s life,” said Vanessa. “Nate won’t even return my calls.” Nate Archibald is a rich character that has a close relationship to Vanessa, but the second Vanessa is accused of doing something against “one of his own” he cuts her out of his life. This tells viewers that they should never wrong the rich because they will pay for whatever they have done. This makes viewers be intimidated by the rich, possibly even afraid of them. “I may pay for your life here, but it you keep this up, it ends.” Colin Forester, a professor at Columbia, pays for his younger cousin to live in upstate NYC because she has no other family. He threatens to take her money away from her because she is talking to her brother that is in jail. This shows viewers that the rich have no sympathy for anyone. If they do not like something it better stop or else they will do something about it.

. Overall Gossip Girl portrays the stereotype that all of the rich are stuck up with dirty secrets and think that they are better than everyone else because they have money and money equals power. They use threats to get what they want and it always works. Although one would expect this show to envy the rich, it makes viewers want to be them. Lower and middle class viewers enjoy watching the schemes and lifestyle of the rich and it encourages them to act this way too. This also prompts the rich to act as if they are better than everyone else because they have money and that they can control everything because of their power. If more shows like this are add and people continue to watch and enjoy them, it could start a world where everyone acts like they are entitled to everything and that they don’t have to work for it.