How you make people feel

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” — Maya Angelou

I realised today, a sort of epiphany if you will, after a phone conversation with my mother just how true that statement really is.

We often may have heard it and many a time I never really gave it much thought. Hearing it once and thinking ‘oh, that’s a nice thought’. Soon forgetting about it and carrying on with whatever else I had going for me in that moment. But now that I reflect upon it. I realise life is a series of moments, and the choices we make often have an impact — one way or the other — on whatever our futures may be. But let’s go back to the how of that epiphany moment I had.

My grandmother is had eye surgery a few days ago and my mother was updating me on how things were. It’s not a serious surgery but a surgery none the less and when it is an elderly person caution is often required. She is doing well thankfully but there are a few hitches here and there, nothing major though.

Anyway, my mother told me about how someone at the hospital mentioned she resembled this doctor who came from aboard who was beautiful and nice ( her words as I was told, not mine I swear ) and then she told her the doctor’s name and my mother than reveals that was her daughter. The lady was surprised but pleased and she went on to make it know how the room my grandmother’s currently staying at was once the office I used to use.

The lady is one of the cleaners at the hospital. I was told she went on to inform the other members of the staff about her little discovery and they all do their best to make my grandmother’s stay at the hospital a good one.

After I hung up with my mum, that little thought just popped into my head, out of nowhere and the meaning of it, the actual meaning occurred to me. Every day in our lives we meet and deal with many people and it is through these interactions that certain glimpses of one’s personality is shown. I mean glimpses because no one can truly know you based on what you show them at any given point in time.

When it came to work, I was as kind as I could be. Favourable and as cooperative as I could be. I also tried to put my best foot forward and smile at people whenever possible. I’m not saying I was the perfect picture of hospitality and warmth but I tried despite my introversion and how difficult it was for me to deal with people. How challenging it is for me to be social.

So when I heard that little account from my mother this morning, it made me realise that at least I am remembered for something good. Because of how I managed to make someone feel. And I will take that and the ‘good’ feeling it’s given me and remember to carry on trying.

Remember, that people associate you with and remember you by how you made them feel.

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