Unsure? Just write!

I’m sitting here right now, a little unsure about what to write.

You see I was recommended to write on here by my sister a few days ago. After she listened (rather attentively might I add, as she normally does since I don’t really talk as much ) about one of my experiences with a patient. Needless to say the experience was frustrating and I was unleashing or rather unloading all that upon her.

It just so happened, after ending my story she gave me this thoughtful look and said ‘why don’t you write about this?’ According to her I have so many things in my mind yet I don’t really do anything about them. I don’t share them. It’s something I’m working on. After that day — this was just two days ago, I’ve been reading a few stories on here. There are just so many! It’s overwhelming, invigorating and inspirational.

But the thing that stood out to me the most and finally had me deciding to write was stumbling upon Jana Marie’s article, Day 73: Learning to let go. This resonated to me quite strongly since it is something I’m currently working on and have been for a while now. I became curious and inspired. So I did a search and found the existence of this #100mindfuldays project.

I can honestly say right now, that I think I found a purpose to write about. Not that I didn’t have a good one before based on my sister’s recommendation! I’m just a little weary about writing about myself and my experiences as it seems. Besides, being mindful is as good a reason to write about as any. I hope to start tomorrow. Until then, I know there’s still a sliver of uncertainty within me and I acknowledge. But I’m not giving in to it and that’s a good start. I have made my decision now and there is no turning back. I will just write and see where it takes me.

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