I Got Hit By a Cricket Ball on My Head

I got hit on my head by a cricket ball at cricket practice yesterday. I got hit on the back of my head. This was just two minutes after I told my friend, “I hope (that guy) doesn’t hit anyone”.

I felt a little dizzy after the impact. But I was okay. The hard leather ball had bounced off my head to the back of my shoulder. My shoulder hurts more than my head as I’m writing this (a day after the ‘accident’). The area seems to be swollen, but as long as I can move my arms, it should be totally alright.

On the bright side, I hope I become incredibly smart (now that this has happened). The hyper-competitiveness of today’s world is sickening. And especially for the stupid (like me).

Now that I’ve been hit on the head — and gained my own superpowers — I hope to: ace every test; not procrastinate; score a perfect 36 on the ACT, and perfect 800s on my SAT Subject Tests. I’m also hoping I cure cancer next week so I actually have a story to tell the colleges I will be applying to.

(I may sue the company that made the cricket ball too. I hope to be paid a few million dollars in damages.)