That Time I Got a Free Upgrade to Business Class

“Coconut milk or water?”
“Uhhhhh…Neither? Thank you.”
“Hot towel or cold towel?”
“Ummm…No thank you.”

Whilst travelling this January, I was assigned a Business Class seat. I was somewhat excited; it was my first time travelling in Business Class.

I was overwhelmed by the ‘luxury’.

The Space

Being taller than six feet defines ‘doom’ for flyers. Double the suffering if the passenger in front of you decides to set their seat in recline position.

Here, for once, I could sit without squirming around.

Furthermore, my laptop actually fit on the tray table! But do note: being in Business Class did not prevent the passenger seated beside me from staring into my laptop screen.

I managed to get some work done, only to fall asleep later.


Frankly, I don’t expect anyone to ‘serve’ me quite as much as the cabin attendants did. Initially, I was perplexed when the attendants offered pink-coloured coconut milk, and water. Being the awkward teen I am, I stuttered and said, “Neither? Thank you”.

I was even more confused when the attendants distributed hot towels off a tray using tongs. Again, I *politely* refused the towels.

As we were disembarking the plane, I noticed that one cabin attendant stood in the aisle, at the partition between Economy and Business Class. Just weird, I thought. I mean, if at all the other passengers decided to invade the aisles of the very privileged passengers seated in Business Class, what could possibly happen? A minute of delay? I mean — I understand why this was done, but I just cannot digest it.


Sitting at the front of that Boeing 737, I missed seeing the wing. Being an airplane enthusiast, there’s just something satisfying about seeing the hydraulics at work during flight. I especially missed examining the mechanics of the plane when the spoilers are engaged (while landing). I missed feeling the bump of the landing gear against the asphalt. I couldn’t rate the pilot’s landing.

All in All

I’ve never been treated like this. Throughout the flight I thought, “I don’t belong here. Take me back to Economy Class!” I felt bad for the attendants. I would feel REALLY weird treating a fellow human being that way.

Stupid social constructs.

I was pretty daunted by the entire experience. The only feature I was happy to have was the legroom (which we all deserve, by the way). Honestly, I probably won’t go back there.