This is a Landmark Moment

I am a step closer to being famous.

Well, not really. Let me explain.

Until perhaps some weeks ago, googling my name (sans middle initial) would often return:

I don’t really search for myself that often. I just recalled this because I know my brother and friends tend to look for me. Don’t ask why.

Well, I happened to smash my head on my keyboard and accidentally search for myself on Google a few days ago (totally didn’t search for myself on purpose, you see). Here’s what appeared:

WOWIE. I am THE Amal Bansode.

Now, look, I’m not very enthusiastic on being famous. Who wants to have their face stuffed with cameras and have teenage girls shriek their name everywhere they go? Who wants to be interrupted drinking tender coconut water? Who wants to smile every living moment of their lives?

Nevertheless, this seems pretty exciting.

My identity has been validated by the dad of the Internet family.

I can probably brag to colleges that I’m an internet celebrity.

But then again I’m not sure about whether I should be freaking out, because, well… *cue tinfoil hat. Now, the Internet is sure that a person with my name exists. I can be tagged with activity on the Internet with better ease. I don’t know whether that’s good or bad just yet, but I kinda do crave some following and discovery on Medium ya know. Thanks.

I’m not too sure how this happened too. Is it because of my awakening on Medium? Or because my crappy Behance page was alive for some time? Or is it because my school probably spent a bomb on SEO with a website redesign? Or have you guys been stalking me again? 😏

I’ll be signing autographs next Monday outside the local bazaar. Be sure to visit!

(Totally not encouraging you to Google my name, by the way.)