This is what I do during study breaks.

You Are Invited

(A commentary brought to you by Animal Planet. Scenes from a boarding school.)

The much-dreaded finals are here at last. Garbed in the veil of ‘testing learning’, the Grim Reaper is here to take away some sleep and happiness. Little do these students know, what happens now is largely insignificant. As the levels of happiness amongst students plunge, we find that there has been a surge in the coffee consumption levels of these youth.

The popularity of the coffee machine has spiked over the past week. Besides, it has also heard all of the ranting, from “this educational system sucks,” to “I have only eight chapters remaining”.

“I don’t enjoy particularly the attention,” says the machine as it releases two hundred percent of the sugar students actually need in their coffee into a single cup. “Don’t you dare call me covfefe,” it squeaks to another ‘pass grade’ hopeful. It then decides to be adamant and stop working for half an hour as it ‘heats water’.

Not sure where I found this.

The lights around students’ rooms are finding true friends in their users, as they too stay up for long nights. As Amal switches on the tube light in his room, it flickers — highlighting its exhaustion. “Same here dude,” says Amal, who proceeds to smack the tube light, causing it to switch on correctly. Sometimes Amal, too, needs a knock on his head to get it to work.

Most beds cry for their owner. They no longer receive more than six hours of attention. “You can cry on me. Don’t hold it in,” suggests one pillow as a student ignores its beckoning.

Some students find solace in playing Call of Duty on their laptops, while Amal finds solace in creating weird posters inviting people to his final examinations.

The books, meanwhile, enjoy all the attention. “You should visit us more often,” they chime in unison. “We wish we did,” mutter the students.