Finding Happiness in this world….

peoples are searching the true happiness in different ways.

I have heard from someone that happiness is coming from inside of your heart, not from any other source.

and from another “ just you watch any comedy. some people laugh themselves without reason to make their soul peaceful by yoga therapy.

another person said that make yourself beautiful and present yourself very neat. through this you can get confident and you will feel happiness and freshness of your heart.

and from another person has told that occupy your time with useful activities. and then end of the day you will get confident by your proper time consuming.

I did all these things,.. Yeah, it works for some times. but it will fade away after some time. then I found out that true happiness comes from depending on God’s Grace. without God’s Grace, I did not able to do all those things. when I started to lean on God’s Grace, He started to work with me. I felt that am not alone. The almighty God is with me.

Helps me in my weakness and guide me in a difficult timings, gives me wisdom to take correct decision, fill me with His everlasting happiness, when am sad, He makes me to take heart. He saves me from evil things and sin comes from inside of me and outside of the world. even He has taken away my all kinds of curse. He watches over me in all of my ways for teaching His word and kindly corrects me if I make some mistakes. He never forsake me and forget me.

And He did all the things by shedding His Blood in the Calvary Cross.

with whom are you discussing in decision making or in confusion

No one can love you like JESUS.

Hey… I know the secret of true happiness..