Hot, Angry, and Yogurtless

Imagine you’re driving around in your car looking for a place to park. Your destination — the infamous froyo stand that shamelessly sells ice cream under the label “frozen yogurt” — is only yards away; but, parking spots are limited. After passing multiple overpriced parking structures and street curbs coated with the forbidding color red, you begin to get frustrated. Finally, on your third orbit around the stand, you notice a spot between two cars that seems open. With urgency you attempt to claim the spot, only to find that it is scarcely occupied by the deceiving body frame of a tiny red Fiat. Defeated, you decide to just go back home — you didn’t do anything to earn dessert, anyway. To top off your disappointing drive home, the amount of pointless driving you have just done has emitted a significant amount of CO2 gas into the air, contributing not only to the increase in global temperatures, but also to your own bodily temperature. You are now hot, angry, and yogurtless.

We have all experienced a situation like this to a certain degree. Whether your destination be something as casual as a froyo stand or even something more formal like going to work, parking always seems to be more or less of a burden, especially in popular tourist areas like Santa Monica, CA. Is there a way to solve this parking crisis? The answer is yes. PRKIT is an application/web based parking service that has revolutionized parking forever. PRKIT saves you the frustration of searching for a parking spot in highly populated areas by connecting you with the unused driveways of homeowners who have agreed to sublease their empty spaces. The application navigates drivers to the cheapest and closest driveway to their destination, charging only a minimal fee by the minute. Think of it as an Airbnb for parking. Truly unrivaled in the spectrum of parking.

The only thing better than the PRKIT application itself is the cause behind the company. PRKIT stands for efficiency, environmental awareness, and establishing a community centered around sharing and benefiting from unutilized resources. Not only does PRKIT provide efficient and affordable parking that is communally beneficial, but it also benefits the environment in doing so. By reducing the time spent looking for parking spots, the amount of CO2 emissions from vehicles is drastically decreased, which helps minimize air pollution and rising global temperatures. By the touch of a button, time is saved, money is made, and the environment is benefitted.

PRKIT is exactly what this automobile-dominated world needs. The application solves nearly all parking related issues and brings the community together in a lucrative and environmentally-friendly manner. You now can save yourself the stress of looking for parking, and get that deserved (or undeserved) frozen yogurt with ease. Check out PRKIT today!